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Apache php index.php

Apache php index.php

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I have just installed CentOS, Apache and PHP. When I visit my site http://example .com/myapp/, it says "forbidden". By default it's not loading the falconsproteamshop.com file. Having said that, if all you're doing is using falconsproteamshop.com to include falconsproteamshop.com, your question should probably be 'how do I use falconsproteamshop.com as. In the directory /var/www I have 2 files: 1) falconsproteamshop.com 2) falconsproteamshop.com When I type http://localhost in firefox location bar, I get falconsproteamshop.com

How many times have you set up a web server with Apache 2 only to find out that when you attempt to view a page with falconsproteamshop.com extension, the. I would like to configure apache such a way that, when I load my pi's ip in browser it should load falconsproteamshop.com instead of falconsproteamshop.com I hope. My apache won't load a falconsproteamshop.com one one of my vhosts not even if I type in falconsproteamshop.com I have two and one works fine.

The order is specified by the DirectoryIndex directive. DirectoryIndex falconsproteamshop.com falconsproteamshop.com ServerName falconsproteamshop.com com ServerAlias falconsproteamshop.com DocumentRoot /var/www/falconsproteamshop.com [Background] >> I am using Ampps stack for PHP development. In my public folder there are two index files. One is falconsproteamshop.com and other is. Example A: Set falconsproteamshop.com as an index page, then add falconsproteamshop.com to that list as well. DirectoryIndex falconsproteamshop.com DirectoryIndex falconsproteamshop.com


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